Pro Shop

Slaby's Pro Shop is your home for all of your Bowling Equipment and Accessories in Cleveland!

Pro Shop currently only open by appointment.  Call 440-622-7404 to make an appointment.

Slaby's Pro Shop is a one-stop shop for your bowling equipment and accessories. Whether you need a new ball, or need an old ball re-drilled, our full service pro shop can handle a full plug and re-drill with all the accessories like grips and slugs.  

Whether you're looking to restore the hook and power of your ball, or just get a tune up, Slaby's Pro Shop in Cleveland is the place to go.

We offer a full line of accessories from the basics like shoes and bags, to the small stuff such as tape, cleaners, and more.

Slaby's Pro Shop is located inside Roseland Lanes. Come visit us  today!

Slaby's Pro Shop is proud to announce that Chuck Slaby Jr. And his wife Nicky, are now the proud owners of "Slaby's Pro Shop". Chuck Jr. brings 30 years of knowledge to the pro shop.

In the past 49 years, Chuck Slaby Sr. built an extensive "one stop shop" which includes, top brand bowling balls, professional on-site drilling, a variety of bags, shoes and bowling accessories. A much neglected service that is also offered is ball maintenance and on-site coaching.

In 1968, Chuck originated the pro shop from the front desk and drilled in the mechanics closet, which was located behind the machines. In 1987 Slaby's Pro Shop opened a full service pro shop located on the concourse, a show room and on-site drill room where you can watch experienced custom fit drillings.

Chuck Jr. grew up at Roseland Lanes and learned the pro shop business under the careful eye of his father. By the age of 14, Chuck Jr. was working the shop and helping with the drilling of balls. Over the years, together, they attended many bowling conventions, seminars and drilling classes learning conventional, and fingertip drillings. More than knowing the physical products on display, they know how to help you select the best equipment to set you in motion to help you progress in the game.

In 1993, Chuck Sr. was in a car accident and was faced with many health issues. While continuing to try to work, his son, a few avid bowlers and friends helped to keep "Slaby's" the place to come for all your bowling needs. Chuck Jr. was pursuing his landscaping business which prevented him from giving his time in the shop.

In July 2017, Chuck Sr. had no choice but to retire from his lifelong passion. This sparked Chuck Jr. and his wife Nicky to recognize the value that they can have on the family business and to the sport of bowling. As of August 1st, Chuck and Nicky will continue to offer the same quality customer service while offering the newest and best equipment and services to help all bowlers, no matter what skill level, to reach a level as to never stop improving their game.

Stop in and let us check your equipment to help with your game. One of the secrets of a serious bowler is ball maintenance. Although Roseland Lanes stays on top of their lane conditions several times a day, a lot of bowling will cause oils from the lane to absorb into your ball, and dirt will build up on the surface. This normal wear and tear will have an affect on your balls performance and adversely resurfacing will restore your ball to a like new condition.