Whether you’re a seasoned bowling aficionado or just getting your feet wet in the world of strikes and spares, picking out the perfect bowling ball can be tricky. It’s important to choose one that fits your hand and plays to your strengths! Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you find just what you need for an epic night out on the lanes.

1. Weight and Comfort

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a bowling ball is weight. When you pick it up off the rack, it should feel comfortable in your hands – not too heavy and not too light. You want it to provide some resistance while still being manageable enough that you don’t strain your muscles. If possible, try out different weights with different balls on display before making any decisions.

2. Grip and Control

The grip is another key factor when choosing a ball. Your fingers should fit comfortably in the holes, allowing you to maintain control over each release. Check how far apart each hole is – if they’re too close together, then go with a different size/style. It will also depend on how big (or small!) your hands are!


3. Coverstock and Performance

Once you’ve found something that fits well in terms of weight and grip, think about coverstock performance. This is largely based on personal preference but can have a major impact on gameplay. Polyester balls are ideal for beginners, as they make it easier for players to control their shots. Urethane coverstocks offer more spin and speed, reactive resin coverstocks are more advanced but offer more hook potential, particle coverstocks provide more friction between the ball surface and lane surface, and solid resin coverstocks give even more friction than particle which can lead to maximum hook potential!

With these tips in mind, picking out the perfect bowling ball should be no problem at all. Whether you’re new to the game or looking for an upgrade from your old favorite, there’s something out there that will suit your style perfectly — so grab yours today and get ready for some serious strike action! Good luck!